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The Quick Guide to Exclusive Buyer’s Broker Contracts

Many of the Buyer-Clients that we work with on a regular basis are not accustomed to working with an Exclusive Buyer’s Broker. If they aren’t a first-time home buyer, chances are they worked with an ordinary (what we refer to as traditional or “trad”) buyer’s agent, where the company represents the seller’s interests as well as their own. When you switch to using an Exclusive Buyer’s Broker, you’re entering into an entirely new experience. This means that some of the guarantees and promises that come with working with us are different. It’s important to know and understand the elements of the Exclusive Buyer’s Agency Agreement that you are agreeing to.

You are going to receive our very own “Consumer Guide to Agency Relationships” disclosure and an “Educated Home Buyer Notebook” from us. Here are some of the items that will be detailed within this document:

Exclusive Buyer’s Broker Loyalty. You are agreeing to work exclusively with us throughout your transaction. There’s also an understanding that we will earn a commission if you choose to buy a new build home, a Realtor listed home and a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) home, as we will show you properties listed by builders, other brokers and their agents AND by owners. Remember, the only thing you will be investing in our relationship is your time!  The seller or builder pays the fee anyway.

Term of the Exclusive Buyer Broker Agreement. This outlines the length of time that you are looking to find a home. This could range from as little as two weeks to six months.

Exclusive Buyer Broker compensation. Although the seller of the property you end up buying will pay us, the amount of money that the Exclusive Buyer’s Broker will earn is still included in the contract for your protection.  And any bonuses, perks or inducements are given back to you lawfully!

These are some of the elements of our Exclusive Buyer’s Broker agreement. For those who have never worked with this particular type of Columbus real estate professional before, it will be important to understand the superior relationship between us and you before signing.
If you need any help finding a home in the Columbus Metro area, don’t hesitate to contact me! You can also download our free e-Book that is designed to help savvy home buyers. I hope hear from you soon!

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