Columbus Ohio Realtor

Columbus Ohio Realtor

Exclusive Buyer Agents

A Realtor For Homebuyers

As Exclusive Buyer Agents we serve only home buyers – we never represent the seller of a home.

Therefore, we have no conflict of interest between responding to your needs and goals, and the goals of the seller. No insider trading or double dipping!

Best Columbus Ohio Realtor for Your New Home

As Exclusive Buyer Agents, our Columbus Ohio Realtors never sell homes. We focus entirely on helping buyers like you find and buy the right home at the best price.

    • We offer the Best Selection!
      When you are looking for homes for sale, you want access to all of the properties that could meet your needs — so you can choose from all of the options available.As true Exclusive Buyer Agents we do not work for an agency that sells homes, so we do not have any pressure to sell you homes listed by any particular agency. We are happy to show you any Greater Columbus Areahomes for sale that might match your needs — regardless of which agent the home may be listed with, or whether it is a For Sale by Owner or unlisted (private sale) home.In addition, we keep abreast of the Columbus area real estate market to find homes that other agents may not even know about!
  • We can Save You Money! No matter how “helpful” and friendly a traditional real estate agent might be, it is important to know that these agents work on behalf of the seller of the home, and cannot truly represent you as a buyer. See the Hidden Real Estate Danger. As Exclusive Buyer Agents, we can confidently help you negotiate the lowest possible price for any home you choose to buy. Best of all, there are no additional fees for our services because agent fees are already included in the purchase costs — regardless of whether you have your own agent or not!

Contact us for a free in-person or over the phone consultation, and be sure to get our free E-Book “How to Buy a Home Like a Pro“. It is full of great tips and information for any new or experienced home buyer.