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Avoid Buyer’s Remorse When Buying a Columbus Home!

Columbus HomeBuying a Columbus home takes financial preparation, good planning, time and patience – as well as the expert guidance of an Exclusive Buyer’s Broker! Without these things, home buyers are apt to feel more frustrated by the process, and may experience buyer’s remorse after choosing a home that may not be right for their needs.

Put simply, buyer’s remorse is the sense of regret that can be experienced after making a purchase. For home buyers, it can stem from feeling pressured by an agent or seller, or from spending more money than intended. Sacrificing contingencies, and compromising on too many preferences, can induce buyer’s remorse. In other cases, buyer’s remorse can happen when a friend or family member criticizes the home or the sales price.

Fortunately, you can avoid buyer’s remorse by making some critical decisions in advance, and then conducting your Columbus home search accordingly! Few buyers have the luxury of spending whatever they wish. Comprises may be required, but by knowing your priorities in advance, and by making informed choices, you’ll make confident decisions!

Here are some areas where buyer’s remorse can occur, and how you can prevent it:

Home price. In a competitive market, you can find yourself feeling pressured to make a high offer, especially if you do not have the representation of an Exclusive Buyer’s Broker! But unlike typical real estate agents, an Exclusive Buyer’s Broker will evaluate the home’s asking price objectively, considering hyper-local market trends and home condition.

While some homes do sell quickly or may have more than one offer, there are other new listings which are overpriced, do not show well, or both! We can advise you as to whether you should wait or not if you do like the home. Savvy patience can often result in thousands of dollars saved. Be smart and let us advise you, so you do NOT fall prey to the “hype” that often accompanies a “new” listing.

By obtaining our professional pricing guidance, you can make an intelligent, competitive offer without over-paying for the home!

Location. Like the rest of your home buying priorities, you should decide your preferred neighborhoods in advance! Do your homework when it comes to school districts, crime rates and commute times. Consider access to medical services, shopping, dining, and recreation. View your preferred locations at various points of the day and night. How busy are the residential streets? How noisy is the neighborhood? Talk to the neighbors. The right location helps lead to happy home ownership!

The home itself.  Unless you’re a handyman looking for a bargain, you should seek a home in the best possible condition. You must also consider if the home meets your needs when it comes to bedrooms, baths, square footage and functionality. Use proper contingencies for a home inspection, financing approval, and any other concerns you may have! Your Exclusive Buyer Broker will provide you with contractual protections and serve your best interests!

Criticism by friends and family. Some people can’t resist raining on your parade. They might be envious – especially if they’re still renters themselves! Or, they may seek to bolster their own home buying choice by convincing themselves they did better than you – even if they didn’t. Take it with a grain of salt, and point out what you love about your new home!

Ready to learn more about home buying? Download our free e-book, “How to Buy a Home like a Pro!” When you’re ready to start your home buying journey, become a Buyer-Client of Buyer’s Resource Realty Services!

As your Exclusive Buyer’s Broker, we serve your best interests at all times! Unlike real estate agents and brokerages who represent sellers, as an Exclusive Buyer’s Broker, we only represent you, the buyer, getting you the best price and terms with no conflict of interest at all times.

Understanding this distinction could literally save you thousands of dollars not only on the purchase price and terms, but also on seller concessions and home inspection issues, whether you are a first-time homebuyer or an experienced homeowner!

Contact us with your home buying questions! Remember, we are with you every step of the way…all the way home!

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